Smart Rent

Choose a new, smarter way to own

We’ve redefined ownership with simplicity, flexibility, and sustainability in mind. Be it the latest tech gadget, home appliance or even a sustainable energy solution – rent it for a low monthly fee, added insurance, and the freedom to upgrade or return at the end of the rental period.

Customer deciding between two different rental devices.

A hassle-free route to the latest tech, appliances, and tools

Gift every product you use multiple lifetimes and reduce waste in the world by opting for a circular way of living.


Low monthly cost

Enjoy sensible monthly payments instead of a higher upfront price.


Flexible period

Choose a rental period from 12 to 36 months depending on the product.


Peace of mind

If available, pick a rental plan with insurance covering theft and damage.


Reduced waste

Join us in extending the lifespan of each product, helping to reduce waste.

How to set up your rental service


Choose your rental

Pick out your preferred rental product, suitable accessories, and decide on a rental period that fits your needs.


Set up a rental plan

Pay your first month’s rental fee and await doorstep delivery or pick up your rentals at the store.


Enjoy it, until renewal

Dive into worry-free ownership and decide whether to upgrade or return your rental at the end of the rental period.

Smart choice for you and our planet

Reduce waste

Combat the issue of millions of unused devices and equipment in EU households contributing to massive resource waste.

Reuse and recycle

Promote reuse and recycling, countering the current low rate of only 20% of tech being fully utilized and repurposed.

Lower carbon footprint

Mitigate the carbon footprint and help to reduce the staggering 16 kg of e-waste generated by each person in the EU per year.

Preserve resources

Support using existing materials efficiently and help to save on energy consumption in the manufacturing process.

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